Tuesday, March 17 – Letter from the Pastor

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Dear Church Family,                             DAY 3                                   March 17, 2020
Let it rain, rain down on me.  We often don’t think of rain falling on us in the negative.  The sunshine this morning is glorious.  We all are entering a new normal.  I couldn’t go to the gym this morning.  The fact that I go to a gym each morning means I’m privileged.  I had to run outside.  I carried a phone in case I had to call for help because my knee or ankle exploded on “H” Street.  I like David Crowder.  CLICK HERE to listen to the song, LETTING IT RAIN.
When life throws us curves—a virus—a lockdown—social distancing—no toilet paper—LOL—we have the opportunity to run out the front door in the midst of the storm, throw our hands to the sky and say—Let it rain, rain down on me.  We embrace what is and obediently follow Jesus in the midst of the rain.  Because . . .
This is the new normal for a while.
We met as a SESSION last evening.  Yes we wiped everything down and had extra space between all present.  We want to communicate that we are committed to this NEW NORMAL for as long as needed.  We will continually evaluate with authorities as the weeks unfold.  We have a unified commitment to act as a community of Christ-followers in ways that protect the vulnerable among us.  So here are a few things that came from last nights meeting . . .
1. The Session is organizing people to regularly check on our congregants. We want to build bridges into each other’s lives during this time.  We desire to meet needs and communicate togetherness in the midst of isolation.
2.  I will send out regular letters.  They won’t be every day but very regular.
3.  I will also deliver brief—please NO COMMENTS on the word brief or statements like, “We will believe it when we hear it!”—10ish minute messages on Wednesdays and Sundays.  The ish gives me leeway.  We will post them on our website and most likely Facebook page.
4.  The Church Office will be open Tuesday through Thursday 8:30-12:30.
5.  As per the website, it is best to call me with needs or emergencies at 509-793-8052.  Calling the church landline could delay response.
6.  GIVING.  People have been asking how we can give to church needs through this time.  There are two basic means for us currently.  Gifts can be dropped off at the church office.  If the church is locked & you have a key (a lot of people do!) you could put a check in an envelope and slide it under the office door.  Or you can mail it to:
Our Redeemer Presbyterian
P.O. Box 1171
Ephrata, WA, 98823
If you want to designate gifts to the DEACON FUND to help those with special needs during this time write DEACON FUND in the memo.  It is always helpful to place gifts in envelopes so the amount is confidential.  Only three women know what each of us contribute and it is important to protect this practice.
Carrie and I are praying for you.  Thank you for all the support and positive response during this time.  Great news from Sandy North that her kidney procedure worked!!!  Craig Jorgensen from Community Church is in surgery as I type—lung transplant.  Please pray.  And continue to pray for Our Redeemer.  God is at work among us.  Let it rain, rain down on me!!!
Peace of Christ

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