February 23, 2021

The Corporate Spirit of the Spirit

Acts 2:37-47 Who was the early church?  They were people who hungered to learn, hungered to give and hungered to fellowship while lead by the Spirit.  Join Pastor Mark as…
February 14, 2021

Do I Have Your Attention?

Acts 2:14-41 Are your eyes and heart open to seeing the Holy Spirit?  That is the question Peter has for the group gathered in Jerusalem on the morning of Pentecost. …
February 9, 2021

Spirit People

The book of Acts is framed with the kingdom of God and shows the world colliding with the kingdom in the middle.  So it begs to ask, if our living…
February 2, 2021

Future Preparation

What if Covid 19 was renamed Selah 19, or Holy Pause 19?  Would it make you look more intently to see what God is trying to teach you during this…