We want our worship to point only to Him in song, scripture, sermon, and sacrament.  Our worship team blends the ancient and the contemporary.  The great hymns of faith are woven into our services along with today’s songs of praise and worship.  The Bible is read throughout our service responsively, prayerfully, and as confession of belief.   We celebrate communion weekly.  The Lord’s Supper is administered relationally as people come forward to receive it. The weekly message is preached from the word of God, clearly and emphatically, helping each one to hear God’s revelation of himself in Jesus Christ. Each week we close worship confessing what we believe through The Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed, or selected Bible passages.

For those with very young children, a “cry room” where you can still participate in all of the service is available during worship or other special events at Our Redeemer.  At the same time, we love the life children bring to a service.  So if they aren’t distracting you, they aren’t distracting us!

Every other week we provide Children’s Church for youth K-6th grade.   Children’s Church is held mid-service.

Between the worship service and the educational hour, we enjoy coffee, conversation and snacks. It will be our pleasure to meet you in the foyer and start our journey as friends who follow Jesus.