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How do you cope when if feels like God comes and goes in your life?  When you hear him say, “Take Courage” but then hear nothing when you’re experiencing attacks, trouble, loss, anguish, and no voice of God. Join us and hear Mark’s words from Paul’s experience on this mystery of God.

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  • Sharon mcmillan says:

    I listen to your sermon most every week Mark and this was a good one. It is a good message to me.. I don’t understand a lot about Jack’s death of why He has to leave me. I so wish we could have gone together but God has other plans.. Keep the courage Mark and thank you for being human and sharing this with us. And God be with you with your sorrow of your friend and give you a lesson he wants you to learn. Sharon

  • Brian Del Piano says:

    In the dark experience comes the faith. Comes the prayer, comes the inside need to seek God. I have been there in the dark when my mom had a stroke and I found her on the floor. I could not have made it through without God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. I prayed, and said “I know not what to do Lord, I know not what to do”. I gave myself over in complete trust. I myself had brain/ear surgery and a stroke after in 2017. How was I going to take care of my own mother? I grew up with mom saying “never put me in a nursing home”. I never did. Mom stayed home. Then mom became bedridden. I had a wonderful hospice nurse 3x per week, and then me. God, Jesus and Holy Spirit got everyone through. This is the only way that I can explain such a beautiful physically and emotionally hard time.

    When God comes and goes…. God never goes. I may stray away from Him, but “Seek Ye First” always comes into my mind. Snuggle up in the palm of your Lord’s hand, that is what I do. I talk to Him. I thank Him for everything I have. God gets me through.

    Thank You for the wonderful sermon.
    (I am looking for a church family. I just moved here in September 2021 after Mom passed away.)
    Your Brother in Christ,
    Brian Del Piano.

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