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Join us for Weekend in the Word with Bob Seawright on March 3-4
FRIDAY: 7-8:30PM

A devout Christian and graduate of Duke Law School, Bob Seawright is now the Chief Investment & Information Officer at Madison Avenue Securities in San Diego. He writes weekly, THE BETTER LETTER, where he applies BIAS to how we make decisions in money, faith, and personal areas of our lives. Bob will guide us in thinking about how our finances affect our faith and our faith affects our finances as he delivers the following three messages:

1. As Through a Glass Darkly. One the one hand, we humans are shockingly prone to bad ideas, ideas that grow into terrible decisions, and then metastasize into actions that undermine, damage, or even end our lives. On the other hand, we humans cure disease, split atoms, and send rockets to Mars. We are villains and heroes, dullards and geniuses, sinners and saints, common and extraordinary, wrong and right, sometimes all at once, sometimes selectively, and sometimes unknowingly. The explanations for this paradox – if no good solutions – will be the focus of this session.

2. Seeing Better. This session will examine what our attitudes about and approaches to money tell us about ourselves and our lives and how we might see reality a bit more clearly (especially about money).

3. Simple But Not Easy: Rules for Money and Life. Money is hard. Money is threatening. Money is polarizing. Money is also a great truth-teller. This session will offer some rules for living with money without letting it control your life.

All are welcome!        The event is free of charge.
Childcare and snacks provided.

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