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The word Gospel means Good News.  Gospel was an ordinary 1st century word we don’t use today.  Good news is euangelion in Greek. This word combines angelos, which means, “the announcing of news” with the prefix eu, which means, “joyful.”  So Gospel means, news or proclamation that brings joy! But when Mark says Gospel, he means something that has happened in history.  It is not a made up story, not mythology.  It is history making, not just the news of the day.  It is news that reshapes how we are to perceive the history of Jesus into our current circumstances.  When Mark applies it to Jesus’ name, (The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Messiah) he is saying in history, something happened around this person, Jesus Christ, that made everything different. A difference that affect all of us.

Join Pastor Mark as he shows how Jesus changed everything with the sharing of his gospel and how it should be shaping and changing us both individually and communally in the here and now.

Partway through the message you will hear Pastor Mark reference a video clip.  Click here to watch the clip viewed by those in attendance. 

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