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Recently Father Patrick Briscoe wrote a commentary on Richard Dawkins, a renowned atheist declaring himself a “cultural Christian”. He stated how, “Christianity is a radical thing.  The Gospel demands transformation, calling for personal conversion and a lived relationship with God.  This transformation extends beyond individual lives, influencing societies through acts of charity, the pursuit of justice and the cultivation of peace.  Historical evidence abounds of the pivotal role Christianity has played in the development of Western institutions, including the concept of human rights, the foundation of hospitals and universities, and significant contributions to art, science, and philosophy.  These contributions were not merely the result of a cultural identity but flowed directly from belief in the Christian understanding of the world and our place in it.”  But is this enough?  Is it enough to love the flowers in all their beauty without loving the soil that grows them?  Where in evolutionary survival of the fittest do we find the weakest having the same rights and dignity to life as the powerful and fierce?  Where  we find our Christ proclaiming blessed are the poor, the weak, the voiceless.

Join Pastor Mark as he walks us through Mark 2:23-3:6, reminding us that we need more than the law, we need Jesus to know the heart of God.  We need Jesus and the power of his love to accept our withered hands, souls, and emotions.

Our Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Our Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Shaking the Withered Hand: Mark 2:23-3:6

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