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What was the last storm you experienced?  Is it a physical storm, an emotional storm, a metaphorical storm, or some other experience that causes you to feel out of control and washed up while being tossed about.

Acts 27 is about a sea storm.  Underneath this whole story you can hear the haunting, vulnerable, whisper of the Normandy Sailor’s Prayer, “Lord, your sea is very big and my boat is very small.”  The Acts 27 storm, and our life storms, make us all too aware of the smallness of our boats and our need of God.  Whatever we define as our storm in life, the boat is a metaphor of what we trust to give us security and protection in high waves, intense winds, and blinding rains.

Join Pastor Mark as he tells of Paul’s detailed storm and encourages us with Paul’s reminder to not be afraid, we will be saved by our God who will bring us to our desired haven.

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