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This is the 45th message Mark has preached from the book of Acts.  It’s a perfect time to add closure to the sermon series.  But in this final chapter we are left hanging.  We are told Paul is under house arrest, in a rented house.  How does he pay for this?  How does the story end?  What happens?  This is written by Luke years after Paul’s death, so we know the story has an ending.  But why doesn’t Luke tell us?

It’s because the book of Acts isn’t about Paul and his life.  Rather, Acts is about the message of God and His kingdom.  But the end of Acts and the end of Paul’s life do give us three words to help to consider: Caution, Hospitality, and Basics.

Join Pastor Mark, about 5 minutes into his sermon (sorry… technical difficulties), on this final chapter of Acts.

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