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Do you know that you matter to God?  In our final sermon on the megillah, the celebration of Pentecost and the book of Ruth were joined together to remind everyone that they matter to God, no matter what is going on in their life.

Listen and know you are cared for deeply by God.

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  • Chet Dorsey says:

    What an important lesson from Holy Scripture.
    Pastor Mark it was so relevant for us today. So informative. So meaningful for each of us today. It meant so much to me. A very important message to all of us.

    I’m so sorry to have missed hearing it in person, but thankful you are able to send it out to us who have not been able to gather with all at church.

    I was so looking forward to coming to church, even with daughter not being here this past week end. Honestly God has so blessed us with a wonderful daughter. I don’t know how we could get along without her.

    Unfortunately, when I got up Sunday morning my blood pressure was very high, I became very dizzy and almost fell in the bathroom, Barb had to call the nurse, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest. The nurse feared I was having a problem with my heart, gave me my first set of pills and put me in my Lazy Boy chair and began a thorough regimen of monitoring until she could get information from ER. After about a hour my blood pressure started coming down or would have been taken (of course, not what I wanted to happen). Throughout the day my blood pressure went back down to an acceptable reading. I had not a good day at all. But day, othrt than feeling pretty tired, glad today, I’m doing a lot better. You know I
    I must be sick to miss church. the nurse told me I could not come to church Sunday. Didn’t make me happy, but guess that is how it goes. So Ai wanted to thank you for the demon.

    God.bless you and arrive and all our church members for how care fo us. Plan to see you next Sunday.


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