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Paul is bringing his magnificent Romans letter to a close in chapters 15 & 16.  He wants his life and work to be a DOXOLOGY to Christ.  What about us?  Do we want our lives to be a DOXOLOGY, a praise, to Christ?  Is that our passion?  May Paul guide us in DOXOLOGY living by following his DOXOLOGY mission, DOXOLOGY vision, DOXOLOGY people, and DOXOLOGY warning in this final message in our series on the book of Romans.

Note: The start of the sermon was not recorded.  The recording starts after Pastor Mark has shared how passionate Paul is about his mission to spread the gospel to the Gentiles.  Paul refers to Isaiah 52 & 53 that share the prophecy of the of the suffering servant work of the Messiah.  The Messiah Isaiah paints a picture of innocence suffering disfigured, carrying the world’s sins and sickness while identifying with the broken.  This is our God & Paul’s uncompromising center.  Join Pastor Mark at this spot within this sermon.  

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