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What do you really know about the sorrow, struggle, doubt, judgements faced, confusion, financial worry, family crisis, tiredness, and deconstruction of faith of those that surround you in this church?  We all have struggles.  Everyone around us has struggles and all of these issues are present in worship.  And it is here we are called to love each other.  We must hold tightly to the center, JESUS CHRIST.  We must allow peripheral to remain on the edge and not nudge its way to the center.  We must believe that Jesus Christ is working in each situation, despite our blindness or naivety to the situation.

So join Pastor Mark as he places CONFLICT at the center of today’s four part message and encourages us to allow the Eucharistic confession to direct our behavior in the community of faith:  CHRIST HAS DIED.  CHRIST IS RISEN.  CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN.

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